We found some hidden places in Tohoku! (Northeast region)

What would you like to experience in Japan?
Nature? Traditional culture? Food? Everything?!

One of my customers recently enjoyed an amazing trip to Tohoku.
She was able to participate in local festivals and see the region’s beautiful nature.

She went on a road trip in Tohoku area, and visited many traditional festivals and found beautiful nature.

She wrote an article about her adventure which was published in ‘Tokyo Weekender’, the longest running English language magazine in Japan, established in 1970.
It was so rewarding to see how our van helped her to experience Japan in such a deep and exciting way.
Next, it’s your turn!!
Check it out!!

Guide to Tohoku Road Tripping:9 Must-See Places and Events

Famous for its hearty food, energetic festivals and eccentric traditions, the region maintains a mysterious and difficult-to-access reputation − perfect for exploring by car. Based on her own journey, Denica Shute breaks down the road trip into nine must-see places and ………

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