Your questions answered

If you’ve got any questions about driving in Japan or booking a campervan, read on below for answers to some of the most common ones we’ve already been asked. If you can’t find an answer, feel free to contact us.

What kind of places can we stay using the campervan?

Parking a vehicle in the middle of the road is strictly forbidden. Japan has many parking locations. Depending on the place, they may be free. Japan has over 1,100 locations known as road-side stations where you can park vehicles for free and take a rest. Visit Michi no eki for more information.

Is there a limit to how far we can take the campervan?

There are no limits, so you can take it to wherever you wish and enjoy your road trip.

How much does gasoline and using the expressway in Japan cost?

Freeways allow cars to reach their destinations in a much shorter time, but using it costs money. One of the merits of using the local roads is the ability to observe sceneries that can’t be experienced on the freeway, as well as the ability to stop by small stores on the country road.
The time difference that results from using the expressway and the local road obviously depends on the traffic level, but a good estimate is that using the local road will take 1.5x longer when compared to using the freeway. The cost of using the freeway also depends on where the destination is located. As a general guideline, customers going from Tokyo to Shikoku, and back to Tokyo on a 14-day road trip spend about ¥20,000 at the tolls. On the other hand, there were customers who went on a round trip to Nara from Tokyo, and spent ¥5,000 at the tolls.
If time is a constraint, use the freeway.
If you have time to spare, why not take the campervan to the streets and enjoy a leisurely road trip?
Gas prices are also dependent on a number of factors, but it’s usually around ¥100~150/liter.
A liter of gasoline would get you around 7~10km on the road.

※ Fuel economy depends on many factors such as whether you take the expressway or the local road, as well as how aggressively you accelerate the car.

What kind of license do I need to drive in Japan?

In order to rent and drive a vehicle in Japan, you will need to acquire what is known as an International Driving Permit (IDP). The requirement is based on the regulation outlined in the 1949 Geneva Road Convention.
Alternatively, if you already possess a Japanese driving license, you may use that instead. Regarding the process of obtaining an IDP, we will gladly assist you with the process.

Where do we borrow and return the campervan?

This can be done near Nippori Station or Asakusa Station. With an additional fee, and depending on the location, we may be able to accommodate your request for a separate location.

What kind of insurance is included? Is there an additional fee?

The insurance fee is included with the package. The details are as follows:
Personal compensation: Limitless per person.
Objective compensation: Per accident (deductible amount: 100,000 yen).
Vehicle compensation: Vehicle’s current price per accident (Deductible amount: 100,000 yen).
Personal injury compensation: Injuries – including after effects and death, resulting from an accident while driving or riding the vehicle are compensated with a maximum of 30 millions yen per person.