Road trip to 8 prefectures: our customer experienced Japan’s true beauty

I would like to introduce an itinerary from one of our customers. He went on a road trip one month between November and December. He visited multiple lakes and many other places with the great nature in Japan. He seemed to have lots of fun, so I thought I’d share with you his route and some wonderful pictures he took with a few words from him.

“It was amazing!
Comparing with other countries, driving in Japan was really peaceful which allowed me to discover the country in tranquility.
The most exciting part was endlessly discover something new around me while I was driving through the country.
May it be the food, the scenery or simply the houses that I drove by. The new discoveries just kept coming as I drove across different provinces.
“Onsen” was of course one of the highlights during the trip. Japanese love onsen, so you can find it pretty much anywhere. However, don’t be surprised you find yourself being stared as it is not common for Japanese to see foreigners in onsen, especially in rural areas where not many tourists come to. But nothing to to worry, just get in and enjoy!
One of the challenges I experienced during the trip was the low temperature in the night. Difficult to fall asleep in the van under the cold weather. Other than that, everything else was crazy good!”

(owener’s note : a electric blanket will be provided in the van to keep you warm)




1. Fukushima prefecture






Lake Inawashiro



Lake Hibara



2. Miyagi prefecture








3. Yamagata prefecture




4. Niigata prefecture
Naeba water fall



5. Nagano prefecture
Matsumoto castle



6. Gifu prefecture







7. Ishikawa prefecture
Koiji kaigan


Rokkosaki light house


Chirihama nagisa drive way




8. Shizuoka prefecture
Shiraito falls Fujinomiya


Lake Kawaguchi


Itchiku Kubota art museum


Dogashima, Izu


Ryugu sea


Kawazu nanadaru


When I saw those pictures from him, I was really impressed and touched.

He truly discovered the beauty of Japanese scenery.

So, now it’s your turn.
Go on a road trip in Japan with our campervan. You won’t regret it!! 🙂

If you ever want to plan a customized road trip in Japan, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you plan what you’d like to see or experience!!

Thank you!!! Arigato!!

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