I miss….

written by Yuka

Even though I said that Autumn had just started here in Tokyo, since I love summer so much and I start missing it already. (I would just hang out in my bikinis everyday if I could) I’d like to share with you one of customer’s trip with you!!

This summer we had customers who went on a surfing trip with our van.
It was their anniversary and I am glad that our van was part of this special memory.

Here is the sample surf and camping itinerary, please check it out!!
So what do you think? Ready to start planning for your summer trip next year?

If you would like us to plan a customized road trip in Japan or you have your own route and just need to rent a campervan, contact us to see how we can help you!

Thank you!!! Arigato!!

Ready for your next Japan road trip?

Craft an adventure all your own. Contact us to get started.

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