Best Camping Spots In Tokyo For A Long Weekend


If you’re a surfer, head over to Chiba to catch some waves! Kujūkurihama, approximately 40 km away from Narita Airport, is a very famous surfing spot in the Kanto-region. In fact, it’s so scenic that it’s been listed as one of Japan’s 100 Best Beaches with White Sand and Blue Pine as well as Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Beaches.

Kujūkurihama faces the Pacific Ocean and stretches for 66 km. There’s a lot of surfing spots along the coast and the Nippon Surfing Association periodically hosts competitions here. Of course, there are surf shops and even surf lessons for beginners.

There’s free parking, showers, and restrooms, so for the first night, you’ll be sleeping in our campervan facing the ocean!


There’s several options for the second day. You could stay at the same spot and keep surfing or you can drive south 40 km to another beach that’s also listed as one of Japan’s 100 Beautiful Beaches. Here, you can snorkel and swim, and since the water is very pristine, you can see many kinds of fish swimming around.

Furthermore, this area offers a dish called “Katsuura Tan Tan Noodle,” which can only be consumed there. This noodle was originally made to warm up the cold bodies of the fishermen who returned from a hard day of work out in the ocean. The flavor is based on noodles with shōyu (soy-sauce), chili oil, and peppers sautéed with onions and beef. Each store has their own way of arranging the “Katsuura Dan Dan Noodle,” so one option would be to find the perfect bowl!

This afternoon will be a campout!

“Camping Hills Kamogawa” is a camping site located on a plateau in Chiba. There’s hot springs and a lot of terraced rice-fields. Many Japanese locals will attest that there is nothing that feels better than relaxing in an all-natural hot spring. Gathering around the fire, gazing at the rice-fields, and sharing a drink while you eat will surely be a fun and memorable event for all.

Feel free to ask us if anything confuses you, or if you’d like to know about nearby supermarkets and other establishments.


On the 3rd day, after enjoy camping, it’s time to drive around the peninsula! The prefecture of Chiba is actually a peninsula that sticks out into the Pacific Ocean, similar to how Florida jets out into the Atlantic. On the tip of the peninsula is the Nojimazaki Lighthouse. From there, you can get a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

Afterwards, you can head over to the capital city of Tokyo, or you can keep camping with our campervan. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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